3PL Service

3PL Service
Xforwarder Freight forwarder service

Shipping From China

Xforwarder freight forwarder service mainly help Amazon FBA sellers and wholesale distributors shipping from China to EU USA via air, sea and train. However, the Chinese 3PL service only play part role when ecommerce sellers import from China, mostly small business will inevitablely met the sourcing, communication, payment, quality, label branding issues based on the business requirements. From this point of view, Xforwarder all in one 3PL service aimed to help you easily and effectively import from China at low cost.

XForwarder Freight Forwarder 3PL service


In order to faciliate ecommerce sellers import from China, Xforwarder offers small scale sourcing service under 5 goods categories per shipment, the sourcing scope mainly bulky wholesale from online Alibaba, 1688, taobao, pinduoduo to offline wholesale market in Guangzhou. No sample sourcing service available currently.

Quality Inspection

Xforwarder warehouse will check the goods quality and quantities based on packing list and pick out the defective goods packaging, take photos, communicate with clients and supplier, pack and ship to supplier exchange or refund to ensure goods shipping from China to EU USA Amazon FBA warehouse in good condition.

Custom Label Packaging

Xforwarder private label packaging service could help you customize logo sticker, label, tag, flyer, card, bags, enevlops, carton boxes etc. You only need to provide the logo or pattern design file and size, material, we will contact factory to quote moq and prototype, then pack based on your instructions.


If you need to barcode the goods to ship to Amazon FBA or EU USA warehouse directly but the supplier havent stick barcode on product packaging , You can send the barcode list, Xforwarder warehouse will print barcode based on each goods quantities and stick them on the right position, and help you stick Amazon FBA label or EU USA warehouse inbound label on carton box.


Xforwarder has a 800 m² warehouse offers 30 days free warehousing service to help you consolidate goods from different suppliers in China and then shipping from China to EU USA.

Consolidate packing

Xforwarder warehouse could help you consolidate goods from different Chinese suppliers, strengthen carton box to save goods volume, weight while keep it safely shipping from China to EU USA.

Custom Clearance

Xforwarder warehouse will prepare the packing list and invoice for custom clearance after the goods packaging measured weight and volume, you will need to confirm the shipping info, declare value to ensure they are correct for double custom clearance.

Shipping From China

You can compare the goods volume weight shipping rates and delivery time for air, sea and train, then select the best way shipping from China to EU USA, Xforwarder will send goods to freight warehouse with custom clearance file, then update tracking.


Once the goods arrive destination country, raise the cabinet, declared customs and we will handover to UPS/FedEx, local delivery courier or truck based on the goods volume weight and notice you the estimate delivery time at your home, warehouse or Amazon FBA warehouse.


We will keep eye on the goods shipping and update tracking status, deal with the delay delivery, package broken, lost, compensate and other situations related with shipping aftersale, cooperate with you and freight company to work out a perfect aftersale solution.

The 3PL service listed above some are for free while some are paid, you are welcome to inquire if you need to ship from China to EU USA Amzon FBA warehouse.