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Shipping from China to EU USA

Shipping from China FAQ

Xforwarder FAQ listed the most frequently asked questions shipping from China and we will continually update the list, it include products, shipping terms, 3PL service, payment terms, shipping service, EU USA custom policy, VAT Tax, delivery, aftersale policy and guarantee. You can take a look before inquire Xforwarder to help you shipping from China to EU USA.

You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you have any questions about our freight forwarder service, we aimed to help you save time and money to easily import from China. 

Products categories FAQ

It refers to ordinary cargo that has no special requirements for transportation, loading, unloading, and storage. No brand, no liquid, no powder, no paste, no built-in external battery, non-cosmetic, food, medicine; It usually includes clothes, shoes, bags, household items, jewelry accessories, children’s toys, mother baby products etc.

Generally, it refers to guns and ammunition, knives, flammable, explosive, highly toxic chemicals, special equipment for eavesdropping and stealing photos, drugs, drugs, etc. that are restricted in production, purchase, transportation and possession by the goverment.

We do not offer product certificate for goods shipping from China to EU USA. When you import from China you can inquire shipping agent what kind of certificate required to ship to EU USA market then order from the supplier or factory who has CE FDA MSDS certificate etc. 

The definition of sensitive goods is more complicated. They are goods between ordinary goods and prohibited goods, which are more likely to generate taxes and being inspected. Such as liquid, paste, powder, magnetic goods, medicine and food, branded items, battery goods, cosmetics, etc.

The general cargo has no special requirements during shipping thus it is usually the cheapest shipping rates shipping from China; sensitive goods can be shipped but shipping rates usually higher than general one, the prohibited goods cannot being shipped due to the goverment law.

In addition, there will be additional surcharge if the carton box include more than 5 goods categories.

Shipping weight volume FAQ

No matter air, sea or train delivery, the volume weight equal length*width*length/6000, then compare package actual weight to select the bigger one as the package shipping weight.

Thus when you shipping from China to EU USA the goods should be packed in regular carton box.

Yes we can. Usually single box exceed 40kg, box length exceed 120cm, length+2(width+height)>300cm been seen as extra large weight volume goods, the delivery courier service usually have extra surcharges, if the package weight volume even higher then it will be shift to deliver by truck.

Thus it is very important to know the goods weigh volume from Chinese supplier and estimate shipping cost before place order.

Since door to door delivery usually via courier service like UPS/FedEx and other local courier, they have restrictions on the package weight and volume, there will be extra surcharge, thus the air sea and train delivery usually restrict each box weight volume between 12 to 22kg.

Yes we can help you repack to meet the air sea train delivery weight volume restriction if the goods can be repacked.

Air Sea Train shipping FAQ

Since the air sea and train shipping rates float time by time and need to calculate based on different aspects, you can click Get A Quote button on XForwarder with product names, weight, volume, shipping address and post code, we will quote the latest Air Sea Train shipping rates and help you select the best way shipping from China to EU USA based on your requirements.

The shipping rates are based on the goods categories, weight, volume, destination country, post code and delivery time. You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder for the cheapest way shipping from China to EU USA.

The air, sea and train delivery have  restrictions on the sensitive goods shipping from China, certain cosmetics batteries liquids met the shipping restriction can be shipped, you can check the goods restrictions on each shipping service or inquire Xforwarder with goods parameters in details.

Due to the time zone difference and missing info for shipping rates, sometimes the quotation takes long time which might caused bad user experience and you may lost patience. Thus Xforwarder made an FAQ list to speed up the shipping information collection.

The shipping rates mainly related to products category, weight, volume, shipping destination country and delivery time. When you inquire Xforwarder to help you shipping from China, you can prepare the following info:

1. What products you shipping? You can prepare goods photo or link or hs code for us to determine whether it is general or senstive goods and the best way to ship them;

2. Whether it has brands or not, if brands do you have authorization from the company and whether to record at the customs;

3. If batteries, liquids, magnets and other goods can you get MSDS certificate, transport appraisal report or dangerous package certificate or CE certificate from factory?

4. When the goods are ready to ship? We need to know as the shipping rates floats. We can also help you negotiate with Chinese factory to speed up if you can provide the sales contact;

5. Where are you shipping? Ship to Amazon FBA, business address or personal address? We need to know the destination country, address info and post code or port the goods ship to;

6. What kind of packages goods packed? Via carton box, pallet or barreled? Weight and volume for single package and total packages;

7. DDP or DDU shipping terms which you prefer? If DDU you will need to provide company tax ID, VAT code etc. 

After we get those kind of info we can quote more accurate shipping rates and shipping solution for goods shipping from China in 1 day. You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder air sea and train shipping rates via [email protected].

XForwarder will provide tracking for each package shipping from China to EU USA, unlike courier service, it can only being tracked after package arrived destination country, cleaned  customs and handled by local delivery courier.

Yes of course. Currently Xforwarder mainly shipping from China to USA, Canada and 27 EU countries. In addition to those countries, we can also ship from China to Australia, South East Asia, Middle East, South America, you are welcome to inquire Xforwarder the latest shipping rates to those countries.

Since the air sea train delivery service belongs to DDP terms, while declare goods value under your Tax ID VAT belongs to DDU terms, currently the train delivery from China to EU cannot accept DDU terms, but it is okay with air and sea shipping from China to EU. 

Freight Forwarder service FAQ

XForwarder mainly help you shipping from China to EU USA countries, we do not offer sourcing and sample service so far, but we can introduce professional Chinese sourcing agent and help you buy in bulk(under 5 goods categories).

You can inquire Xforwarder shipping rates and delivery time first, then tell the supplier or factory our warehouse address or tell us supplier phone, we will contact them ship goods to our warehouse and help you confirm the goods quantities and weight volume, after you paid we will prepare the packing list invoice files and consolidate goods to ship from China, update tracking and estimate delivery time.

Xforwarder charge 0.5 usd/day/cbm if goods in our warehouse more than 30 days.

Currently we can only pick up packages in Guangzhou, packages from other cities or provinces in China can ship to us via courier or logistics, or you can give us the supplier phone, we can help you negotiate proper way to ship to our warehouse.

Yes we can help you customize label and packaging, but you need to met printing factory moq and we will charge extra service fee based on your requirements.

It depends on what kind of label service you need, for example, if you only need we print label or barcode and stick on product packaging, we will charge $0.1/pcs, if you need we help you private label clothing, remove supplier label tags and customize yours, we will charge $0.5/pcs plus the label tag cost.

Payment terms FAQ

Sorry we do not accept paypal and credit card due to safety concerns. Currently we have company account in USD, EUR, CAD, AUD currency, you can pay via wise or payoneer or transfer to company bank account in China (usd, eur currency only).

Xforwarder are freight forwarder agent instead of supplier or factory, we only charge the shipping fee and service fee for additional service you may need, thus we do not have 30/70 payment terms for goods cost.

Aftersale FAQ

We are highly value our client concern for the goods safety shipping from China to EU USA, you can take a look the compensate standard under the shipping service page, once it happened we will negotiate the compensation (shipping fee and insurance) and pay on time. For high value goods we suggest you buy insurance.

We have stated compensation terms on the air sea train shipping service, if the packages seized by customs caused by the product certificate(CE, FDA etc.) and IP infringement we will not compensate. Please confirm with Xforwarder before apply our shipping service.

Yes we can sign shipping contract with the shipping way, serivce involved, delivery time, shipping fee, payment terms, compensation terms etc.