Train shipping from China to EU UK

Train shipping from China to EU
Duty Free Train delivery From China to EU UK

Amazon FBA

Xforwarder provides all in one shipping delivery solution to help you ship from China to EU 27 countries and UK business/personal address or Amazon FBA warehouse in 30 to 40 days via train. The train shipping delivery service incldue such as packaging, customs declaration, commodity inspection, warehousing, consolidate shipping, tax free, double customs clearance and door to door delivery.

We cooperated with China-EU railway companies in Chongqing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Wulumuqi, Wuhan, Changsha, Suzhou, Hefei and Yiwu for goods train shipping from China to EU UK, the shipping rates is cost effective and delivery is stable.

EU UK Train Delivery Terms

  •  Single shipment cannot exceed 5 goods categories, extra fees will be charged if exceed 5 categories;
  •  Imitation brand, liquid, powder, food, medicine, flammable and explosive, antique, infringing products, liquid, currency, U disk, SD card, bicycle, ceramics, anti-dumping, etc., which are banned for export will be rejected;
  • Maps, globes, national flags, books, gambling products will be rejected;
  •  Single caton box weight between 15kg to 25kg, box weight under 15kg will be charged 15kg; single box weight cannot exceed 30kg;
  •  Carton box length cannot exceed 100cm, 2nd length cannot exceed 70cm;
  •  Volume weight calculation Volume weight=Length*Width*Height/6000;
  •  Product surcharges. Textile clothing, shoes, watches, scarves, auto parts will charge extra 3 yuan/kg; Liquid, powder, paste and other cosmetics no extra surcharge; built-in battery built-in magnets products no extra surcharge;
  •  None Amazon FBA warehouse address or business address delivery charge 1 yuan/kg; Minimum 150 yuan/shipment;
  •  Remote area charge 6 yuan/kg, minimum 300 yuan/shipment;
  •  Carton box length+2*(Width+Height) exceed 299cm will charge 240yuan/box;
  •  Single carton box weight between 22kg and 30kg charge 240 yuan/box; exceed 30kg cannot shp via air delivery;
  •  With magnetic/motor/pump need to do magnetic inspection certificate, surcharge 400 yuan;
  •  Single shipment exceed 6 goods categories will be charged 50 yuan per categories;
  •  FedEx/UPS delivery signature service 50 yuan/box, if you havent received packages while tracking shown delivery, please phone  FedEx/UPS to state claim ID for us to negotiate with them, Xforwarder will not compensate on this situation;
  •  Change delivery address fee. If you need to change delivery address after we shipped, we will charge based on UPS/FedEx bill.6
  •  We will provide packing list and invoice for you to confirm the shipping address, goods quantities and declare value, if you have no opinion will be seen as confirmed;
  • The product does not have CE certification, and the customs detains it due to reasons such as not having a CE label we will not compensate;
  • The train delivery cannot seperate declare customs and apply your EORI VAT;
  • Product accessories that do not meet the requirements of EU countries lead to customs detention we will not compensate;
  • If Amazon FBA warehouse refuses to accept the shipment, the return shipping fee and any other additional costs incurred will be charged. If the customer’s product problems lead to customs deduction, our company will be responsible for assisting in customs clearance, but we will not bear any responsibility;
  • Irregular, oval, thin and soft cartons, wet, severely damaged packaging which are easily deformed and damaged during transportation will need to change packaging and charged;
  • Single shipment exceed 6000 usd will need to buy insurance or provide insurance proof file.
  •  Package lost. The tracking havent update in 1 month being seen as package lost. We will compensate the declare value (max 40 yuan/kg) and shipping fee.  Package seized by eu customs due to product IP issues no compensation;
  • Tracking updated but havent signed we will help to investage with UPS/DPD, and compensate based on UPS/DPD compensation terms max 200 usd/shipment, have value goods please buy insurance;
  • Single box broken or partly lost no compensation;
  • Partly carton boxes tracking updated but not signed, please contact Xforwarder in 7 to 10 days, we will help you negotiate with UPS/DPD, if lost the compensation will be based on UPS/DPD compensation terms.

You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you need Train shipping from China to EU UK Amazon FBA.