Sea shipping from China to USA CA

Sea Shipping From China to USA
Duty Free Sea delivery From China to USA CA

Amazon FBA

Xforwarder provides all in one sea shipping delivery solution to help you ship from China to USA CA business/personal address or Amazon FBA warehouse in 8 to 15 days, duty free,double customs clearance and door to door delivery.

We cooperated with sea freight company such as Matson, Cosco,  CMA CGM, ZIM, WanHai, OOCL, Maersk abd Evergreen with multiple shipping lines from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo to West and East USA and CA. The shipping rates is cost effective and delivery is stable.

Sea Delivery Terms

  •  Single shipment cannot exceed 5 goods categories, extra fees will be charged if exceed 5 categories;
  •  Pure electricity, banned products, sensitive goods, and products involving FDA certification, anti -dumping products will be rejected;
  •  Wooden boxes; wooden racks; and palletized goods will be rejected; Children’s products and toys(plush toys, dolls) will be rejected;
  •  Medical, military, food, maps, glasses (3D glasses), products with Bluetooth logo, pure solar panels, mobile phones, tablets, watches and other high-value products will be rejected;
  •  Color printing, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, thermometers, thermometers, sphygmomanometers, safety hammers, trolleys, steel nails, stationery paper (notepads, diaries), folding metal tables and chairs, mobile power supplies, automobile tire products, trekking poles, pencils, etc. Sensitive goods such as anti-dumping products against China will be rejected; 
  •  Food, medical products, baby products, cosmetics (including tattoo beauty products), electronic cigarettes and tobacco related products, animal fur products, laser products, adult products will be rejected;
  •  Knives and batons, electric rods, plant seeds, strong magnets (magnets, refrigerator magnets, etc.), mosquito control, rat catching, insecticide products, magazines, books and publications will be rejected.
In short, general goods only for 25 to 35 days fast delivery from China to USA CA, sensitive goods sea shipping from China to USA CA please inquire Xforwarder.
  •  Single caton box weight between 12kg to 22kg, box weight under 12kg will be charged 12kg; single box weight cannot exceed 22kg;
  •  Carton box length cannot exceed 120cm, 2nd length cannot exceed 75cm;
  •  Volume weight calculation Volume weight=Length*Width*Height/6000;
  •  Customs fees. separate customs declaration charge 500 RMB/shipment custom fee and RMB80/page for multiple pages; Wood products need commodity inspection 1000 yuan/shipment;
  •  Product surcharges. Bags, shoes, leather, kitchen utensils, scissors, one -time product, puzzle, doll, involved puzzle products such as FDA, wood products, bamboo products, watches (excluding brand high value), test products (none medical test) Non -medical beauty instruments, smoke grinding, Bluetooth products, adult supplies (excluding liquid) no extra charge;  Textiles, built-in battery products need provide MSDS file charge extra 1 yuan/kg; Solar products, toy water shotguns, flat glasses, diving glasses, ski glasses, sunglasses (non -dripped beads +4 yuan) (filter sand carbon cotton core), unknown glass utensil products (chemical utensils, test tubes, etc.) (not Containing water cigarette bottle) (without liquid test paper), product supporting a small amount of liquid (less than 50 ml) charge extra 4 yuan/kg;
  • None Amazon FBA warehouse address delivery charge 1 yuan/kg;
  • Remote area delivery charge 2 yuan/kg, minimum 220 yuan/shipment;
  • Carton box length exceed 120cm and width exceed 75cm charge 180 yuan/box each;
  • Carton box length+2*(Width+Height) exceed 260cm but less than 310cm will charge 180yuan/box;
  • Single carton box weight between 22kg and 40kg charge 180 yuan/box; exceed 40kg neex inquire other sea shipping line;
  • single shipment exceed 5 goods categories will be charged 50 yuan per categories;
  • FedEx/UPS delivery signature service 50 yuan/box, if you havent received packages while tracking shown delivery, please phone FedEx/UPS to state claim ID for us to negotiate with them, Xforwarder will not compensate on this situation;
  • Change delivery address fee. If you need to change delivery address after we shipped, we will charge based on UPS/FedEx bill.
  •  We will provide packing list and invoice for you to confirm the shipping address, goods quantities and declare value, if you have no opinion will be seen as confirmed;
  • Products with HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT, UL and other certifications need to provide certification, toy products need to provide safety test reports;
  • Carton box shipped to Xforwarder warehouse need stick Made in China label on both product and carton box, ship to Amazon FBA warehouse need to stick 2 FBA label per box;
  • Delivery service only restricted in the United States, do not provide services in remote areas such as affiliated islands like 006-009, Puerto Rico, Verjing Islands, 966-969 HawaiIInte Shawai, Guam, 995-999 Alaska, etc., do not accept P.O.BOX and military addresses;
  • Irregular, oval, thin and soft cartons, wet, severely damaged packaging which are easily deformed and damaged during transportation will need to change packaging and charged;
  • Xforwarder does not assume any responsibility for any problems arising from the intellectual property rights of the goods, and reserves the right to pursue the sender for compensation for losses caused to us;
  • Single shipment exceed 8000 usd will need to buy insurance or provide insurance proof file.
  •  Package lost. Package lost during shipping(doesnt include custom detain due to IP Infringement) we will compensate the declare value (max 20 yuan/kg) and shipping fee. High value goods pls buy insurance;
  • Tracking updated but havent signed we will help to investage with UPS/FedEx, and compensate based on UPS/FedEx compensation terms max 100 usd/shipment, have value goods please buy insurance;
  • Single box broken or partly lost no compensation;
  • Partly carton boxes tracking updated but not signed, please contact Xforwarder in 7 to 10 days, we will help you negotiate with UPS/FedEx, if lost the compensation will be based on UPS/FedEx compensation terms.