Pros & Cons Of Freight Forwarder Agent Shipping From China

When you import from China the goods shipping delivery might be big concern as it not only affects the cost but also affects the delivery time. Ship from supplier directly or choose a freight forwarder agent to help you shipping from China? What’s the advantages and disadvantages of freight forwarder agent shipping from China? Which one is more convenient and cost effective? We will discuss from the shipping procedure, shipping cost, freight forwarder service and other aspects to help you select the best way import from China.

Procedures shipping from China

When you import from China the shipping procedure generally include the following 7 steps:

1. Customer inquiries, in this step you should provide goods name, weight and volume, shipping countries and delivery city post code, get shipping rates quote;

2. Receiving the shipping entrustment of the customer

Key information that needs to be clarified after accepting the customer’s entrustment: (1) Shipping date, number of pieces (2) Box type, box volume (3) Gross weight (4) Volume The maximum volume of each type is: (length*width*height) can be loaded Volume, loadable weight;  (5) payment terms, contact method of the owner (6) shipping door-to-door or pick up at port.

3. Book freight for customers

Obtain the bill of lading number, voyage number, transit time, etc. and inform the customer. The customer delivers the goods to the designated warehouse or yard according to the above entry time.

4. Custom clearance, Bill of lading confirmation and modification;

5. Shipping from China via air or sea;

6. Custom clearance at destination country port;

7.Pick up at port or delivery door to door.

No matter you ship via factory supplier or freight forwarder agent, the above are the basic steps for goods import from China.

Shipping cost contrast between supplier and freight forwarder agent

For senior supplier factory they may have their own courier account like FedEx, DHL or UPS for sample and goods weight volume less than 100kg the shipping rates might be similar to freight forwarder agent, for large volume goods need to ship via air freight, sea freight or train freight to EU countries, the factory supplier also need to quote from freight forwarder agent, the shipping rates might be higher.

In addition to cheaper shipping rates compared to factory supplier, the freight forwarder service are more versatile to help you shipping from China, among them some service for free while some are paid service, no matter free or paid service, the overall cost and time can be reduced.

Freight forwarder service shipping from China

When you import from China, you may inevitablely met issues directly or indirectly affect your business, thus you may need some service at cheaper cost to help you solve the problem. To help you easily import from China, Xforwarder provides the following service:

Sourcing. Xforwarder offers small scale online and offline sourcing, since we are located in Guangzhou, South China, we can help you visit factories located in Guangzhou or cities near Guangzhou at small fee;

Quality inspection. Xforwarder mainly check the packaging condition, goods quantities, color and size to ensure they shipping from China to EU USA in good condition;

Custom label packaging. For some ecommerce sellers need custom label, packaging, logo sticker etc. Xforwarder offer private label service at cheaper cost;

Barcode. Xforwarder offer barcode service mainly for ecommerce clothing sellers who have multiple skus or amazon FBA sellers who need to barcode on product packaging;

Warehousing. If you have multiple suppliers in China and the goods cannot being arrived at the same time, Xforwarder offers free warehousing service upto 30 days;

Consolidate packing. We will help you consolidate goods from multiple suppliers in China to reduce the goods weight volume, meanwhile, we will strengthen the carton box to protect goods being damaged during shipping;

Custom clearance. Xforwarder mainly offer DDP air sea train delivery service, which include double custom clearance, we will help you prepare the packing list and invoice as well as certain certificate file for custom clearance;

Shipping from China. Xforwarder will help you compare the goods shipment via air, sea and train, then select the best way shipping from China;

Delivery. Once the goods arrived destination country port and declared customs, Xforwarder will arrange door to door delivery via UPS/FedEx, local courier or truck;

Aftersale. During the shipping we will help you track the package status, we will respond for the package lost, broken, delay and compensate on time.

Pros & Cons Of Freight Forwarder Agent Shipping From China

When you looking for freight forwarder agent help you shipping from China, you may need to know the advantages and disadvantages applying freight forwarder service.

Advantages of freight forwarding services:

1. Professional knowledge and experience

One of the main advantages of freight forwarding services is the expertise and experience they bring to the shipping process. The freight forwarding company has a professional team familiar with transportation regulations, customs clearance procedures and other logistics activities. This expertise can help businesses navigate the complex shipping process and avoid costly delays or mistakes.

2. Cost saving

Freight forwarding services can also help businesses save on shipping costs. Freight forwarders have relationships with carriers and logistics providers that allow them to negotiate lower rates for shipping and other logistics services. Additionally, they help businesses optimize supply chains and reduce shipping costs by consolidating shipments and choosing the most efficient shipping routes.

3. Customized solutions

Freight forwarding services can provide businesses with bespoke shipping solutions tailored to their specific needs. For example, they may provide specialized shipping services for perishable goods, hazardous materials or oversized shipments. This helps businesses meet their shipping needs while minimizing risk and ensuring safe and efficient delivery of goods.

4. Risk management

Freight forwarding services can also help businesses manage risk and ensure their cargo is delivered safely and on time. They can provide cargo insurance and other risk management services to protect businesses from loss or damage to goods while in transit.

Disadvantages of freight forwarding services:

1. Communication and coordination issues

The main issue apply Chinese freight forwarder service is the communication and coordination issue. Because freight forwarders coordinate many different logistics activities, there is a risk of miscommunication or coordination issues that could cause delays or other problems. Additionally, some freight forwarders may not be able to update shipment status in a timely or accurate manner, which can make it difficult for businesses to effectively manage their supply chains.

2. Reliance on third-party suppliers

Freight forwarding services also rely heavily on third-party suppliers such as carriers, customs brokers and warehouse providers. This dependency can make it difficult for businesses to effectively manage their supply chains, as they may not have direct control over these third-party suppliers. Additionally, the quality and reliability of these suppliers may vary, which may affect the safety and efficiency of the shipping process.

3. Additional fees

Finally, freight forwarding services may involve additional costs that businesses may not have anticipated. For example, there may be charges for customs clearance, warehousing, or other logistics services that are not included in the shipping cost. Additionally, businesses may need to invest in additional technology or systems to communicate effectively with their freight forwarding providers and effectively manage their supply chains.


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