The best way shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a warehousing service provided by Amazon for professional sellers. It is not just a warehousing logistics service, but a complete set of seller operation solutions. Although Amazon expands its business to 85 countries, we mainly discuss Amazon FBA in the main 14 countries: America, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spanish, Neitherlands, Brazil, Australia, India, Japan and Turkey. As Amazon FBA seller, you may always seek for the best way shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse from different Chinese freight forwarder if your suppliers are located in China. Xforwarder will list the procedure, service, product restrictions, packaging standard and shipping ways shipping from China to Amazon FBA for you as a reference.

Procedure for goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA

There are usually 5 steps when you operate goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, the rest works can be done by the freight forwarder agent.

Step 1: Manage inventory. Through the amazon dashboard, choose Amazon FBA shipping. Check it on the left side of the product page, and click the “Edit” button on the right side of the page to switch to the FBA release version. Enter inventory management, select Amazon FBA background to switch shipments, and view seller information. After selecting FBA delivery, the system will jump to the interface for confirming the conversion. After clicking Convert, the system will jump to the selection of storage departure item, departure place, and packaging type. After confirming the place of departure and packaging type, and checking the seller’s information, click “Continue to process the storage plan”;

Step 2: Select the product packaging size and prepare the product. The original product packaging size (inches) provided by the manufacturer, enter the product packaging size, and then click “Save” to continue to the next step “Prepare Product”. After confirming that there is no problem, click “Continue” to continue to the next step;

Step 3: Label and inspect the goods. Go to the Labeled Products page. Don’t stick the wrong SKU label on each product’s SKU label. Check the delivery location and packaging type on the interface, including goods, storage charges, etc. Products created by sellers can be divided into different warehouses and assigned to different Amazon FBA warehouses. If the seller does not want to divide the warehouse, he can pay a certain amount after confirming the information. Sellers can also see the “destination”, which is the FBA address.

If you ship from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, this step can be done by the factory supplier or Chinese freight forwarder agent.

Step 4: Prepare product information. In this interface, the seller checks the goods in the shipment, selects the shipping service, sets the box information, prints the shipping label, and then proceeds to the next step.

Step 5. Enter the logistics order number. Finally, after entering the logistics order number, the steps are completed, handed over to the transportation company, and sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Freight forwarder agent procedure shipping from China to Amazon FBA

When you select Chinese freight forwarder to help you ship from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, the procedure also includes 5 steps.

Step 1: Pick up goods. If factory near freight forwarder warehouse, the freight forwarder usually can help you pick up goods from factory. If more than 100km, you can ask the factory ship to freight forwarder warehouse via logistics;

Step 2: Warehouse processing. The freight forwarder usually help you check the packaging, confirm goods quantity, size and color, print barcode, custom label or packaging based on your requirements, then measure weight and volume of the goods to calculate shipping cost, prepare packing list and invoice for customs clearance;

Step 3: Shipping from China. The freight forwarder company will book freight from airline, sealine and train line company, and then arrange the transportation of the goods to the port and shipping from China;

Step 4: Double customs clearance. The service includes the export declaration of the goods and the import customs clearance of the destination country, and many freight forwarding companies cooperate with some local customs agents. You only needs to provide the corresponding information according to the requirements of the freight forwarding company, and the freight forwarder will declare to the customs after confirmation, which improves the overall transportation efficiency of the goods;

Step 5: Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouse. Ordinary FBA 2nd leg delivery usually via ups/fedex and truck. For express delivery, it is generally not necessary to make an appointment in advance to enter the warehouse, and the time limit is faster, but the cost is higher; the truck fee is lower, suitable for large cargo, but remember to make an appointment in advance to enter the warehouse.

Freight forwarder service for goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA

The freight forwarder agent could deal with your shipment in the warehouse totally based on Amazon FBA requirements and your business requirements, the freight forwarder service usually include:

1> Quality inspection. It mainly include the packaging check, goods quantities, color, size quantities, the warehouse will pick out the broken items and take photos or videos to confirm with you;

2>Print Amazon FBA label: Print the label of each product according to the Amazon FBA barcode content requirements;

3>Labeling: According to the Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is sticked with a corresponding barcode;

4>Sorting: According to the type and quantity requirements of Amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing in boxes;

5>Provide labeling, sorting and pallet services;

6>US EU short time warehouse service.

The feight forwarder service are totally based on your business requirements, they are not free but also cost effective to help you save time and money.

3 commonly ways shipping from China to Amazon FBA

There are usually 3 commonly used delivery methods for goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse, which are courier service such as UPS, FedEx and DHL, Air freight delivery, sea freight delivery, if you need ship from China to UK and Europe Amazon FBA warehouse, there also has Train freight delivery.

International courier service

Compared with sea and air freight, international express delivery has the shortest transportation time. Some can reach USA Europe in only one week, and the timeliness is very fast, but the price also varies according to different logistics providers. It is mostly used for Amazon sellers to urgently refill supplies within 100kg.

Air freight delivery

Air freight delivery refers to a shipping method the freight forwarding company directly sends the goods to the destination country through airlines, and then delivers the goods to Amazon FBA warehouse via local courier service or UPS/FedEx after cleaning customs. The air freight delivery usually take 10 days when it is sent to Europe or USA. The longer time for air freight is because airlines need to round up bulk cargo or arrange warehouses in order to save transportation costs, so it will delay some time. In terms of safety, it is relatively safe to use air freight shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

Sea Freight Delivery

Sea freight delivery is much cheaper than air freight, so many Amazon sellers prefer to use sea freight. Shipping by sea will be affected by natural weather and other aspects in terms of logistics timeliness, which will lead to a longer transportation time. Generally, it takes about 30 to 40 days to arrive by sea to the United States. It takes 25 to 30 days shipping from China to LA via Matson, 45 days to East USA.

Currently sea shipping from China to EU takes around 30 to 40 days then forward to different Amazon FBA warehouse in different countries and UK. Train freight delivery shipping rates and delivery time are similar with sea freight delivery from China to EU, thus we skip it here.

Compare to UPS/FedEx, air freight delivery and sea freight delivery(train freight delivery), what’s the best way shipping from China to Amazon FBA? Let’s compare them in the following aspects:

Delivery time. Courier service is the fastest way shipping from China to Amazon FBA, then air freight, sea(train) freight delivery is the slowest;

Shipping rates. Courier service is the most expensive way shipping from China to Amazon FBA, sea(train) freight delivery is the cheapest way shipping from China to Amazon FBA;

Weight volume calculation. Courier service calculate volume weight by 5000, air freight 6000 and sea freight 6000. Courier and air freight only for general size volume goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA, while Sea(train) freight has lower volume weight restriction.

Thus you can select the best way shipping from China to Amazon FBA by delivery time, shipping rates and goods weight volume.

Tips for goods shipping from China to Amazon FBA

1. When choosing the Amazon FBA shipping method, you need to consider both timeliness and their own capital turnover to reduce costs.

2. In addition to the choice of delivery method, you should also consider the weight of the product when selecting the product. If the product is large in size, it should be combined with the heavier product to avoid overweight. extra large volume weight means extra shipping cost.

3. It is recommended to try to use multiple transportation methods at the same time, try to ensure that your products are not in stock, can continue to bring income and profits to yourself, and reduce transportation costs at the same time.

4. As an Amazon seller you should know the policies and barriers of the country where the selected FBA warehouse is located, and make full preparations.

More imprtant, select a professional freight forwarder will not only help you save time and money shipping from China to Amazon FBA, but also help you solve unnecessary troubles during shipping. You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder for the best way shipping from China to Amazon FBA.


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