30 days sea shipping from China to Canada

Slow has became a keyword in Canadian sea shipping lines, and the shipping time usually more than 2 months which makes the majority of Amazon FBA e-commerce sellers miserable. Thus the DDP duty free sea shipping from China to Canada with double customs clearance, door to door delivery in 30 days is very popular.

How long it takes for sea shipping from China to Canada

The main sea shipping ports in Canada are VANCOUVER, TORONTO, MONTREAL, CALGARY and EDMONTON. We will list the sea shipping time from different Chinese port to Canada ports:

Shipping from Shenzhen to Vancouver takes about 13 days; shipping from Shanghai to Vancouver takes about 14 days; shipping from Guangzhou to Vancouver takes about 17 days; shipping from Ningbo to Vancouver takes about 16 days; shipping from Xiamen to Vancouver takes about 19 days; By sea from Vancouver, about 20 days.

Sea freight from Shenzhen, Shanghai to Toronto takes about 23 days; Guangzhou, Ningbo to Toronto sea freight takes about 24 days; Xiamen to Toronto sea freight takes about 25 days; Qingdao, Dalian to Toronto sea freight takes 22 days; Tianjin to Toronto sea freight takes 26 days.

It takes 25 days from Shanghai, Shenzhen to Montreal by sea; 26 days from Guangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian to Montreal; 24 days from Hong Kong to Montreal.

Shipping from Shenzhen, Guangzhou to Calgary takes about 21 days; shipping from Dalian to Calgary takes 23 days; shipping from Shanghai to Calgary takes 24 days; shipping from Qingdao to Calgary takes 26 days; shipping from Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo to Calgary takes 27 days days or so.

Shipping from Shenzhen to Edmonton takes about 22 days; shipping from Guangzhou to Edmonton takes about 23 days; shipping from Shanghai to Edmonton takes about 24 days; shipping from Ningbo to Edmonton takes about 27 days; Shipping from Xiamen, Qingdao to Edmonton takes about 25 days.

Thus the Canada FBA sea shipping time usually are:

1. Vancouver warehouse (YVR/YXX series): 22-25 days for the first trip to arrive at the port, 2-3 days for customs clearance and pick-up, 2-5 days for truck delivery – 25-35 days.

2. Calgary warehouse (YYC series), Edmonton warehouse (YEG series): 22-28 days for the first journey to Hong Kong, 5-7 days for train transfer, 2-3 days for customs clearance and pick-up, 2-5 days for truck delivery ——30-40 days.

3. Toronto warehouse (YYZ/YOO/YHM series): 22-28 days for the first journey to Hong Kong, 7-12 days for train transfer, 2-3 days for customs clearance and pick-up, 2-5 days for truck delivery——40-days after sailing 50 days.

4. Ottawa Warehouse (YOW series): 22-28 days for the first journey to Hong Kong, 7-12 days for train transfer, 2-4 days for customs clearance and pick-up, 3-7 days for truck delivery – 45-55 days.

Main factors affect sea shipping time from China to Canada

Vancouver: The timeliness of the first voyage of different shipping companies is different. The reason is that most of the shipping lines is for traditional foreign trade goods. Traditional foreign trade is mainly bulk cargo. A shipment is calculated by the number of containers. The shipping time requirements are not as harsh as e-commerce goods, but are more sensitive to shipping rates; COSCO/OOCL has a mature business for cross-border e-commerce goods, and the timeliness must be fast; and COSCO/OOCL cooperates with Canadian Railways Intermodal services are due to other shipping companies.

There are two main reasons for the occurrence of the “congested port” situation: one is that the Vancouver port is overcrowded, and there is a need to queue up for the port, which is relatively easy to understand; the second is that it is limited by the situation in Toronto, and the reason is relatively complicated.

Toronto: Due to the port congestion and high inspection rate in Vancouver in the winter of 2022, many cabinets in the domestic market will be ordered to Toronto at the end of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, resulting in a large number of cabinets pouring into Toronto train stations in May and June 2022. The storage yard is full, and it becomes difficult to pick up and return the cabinets. In order to alleviate the situation at the Toronto Railway Station, the CN/CP Railway Company delayed the loading of the cabinets in Vancouver, which directly caused the storage yard in Vancouver to begin to load, and some ships could not berth when they arrived at the port. , because there is a high probability that there will be no place to stack the cabinets on the ship when they are unloaded, which is quite easy to cause “port congestion”. This situation has been going on, and COSCO/OOCL is relatively less affected by it because of its high-quality cooperation with Canadian Railways.

Thus if you need fast sea shipping from China to Canada, you may need to select Chinese freight forwarders that have good dispatch and customs clearance service on the destination port.

How to ship from China to Canada via sea

There are usually 6 steps for goods sea shipping from China to Canada:

1. Send the goods from factory or supplier warehouse to freight forwarder company warehouse in China;

2. Sea freight forwarder agent confirm the goods weight, volume, quantities, value then packing and loading container;

3. Prepare performa invoice, packing list and declare the goods at customs;

4. Shipping from China to the designated port in Canada;

5. Complete the whole process of customs clearance and tax payment in Canada;

6. Door to door delivery via ups or truck.

Canada ea shipping provides UPS and truck delivery service. The first sea shipping leg uses the shipping company OA Alliance Clippers (COSCO/EMC/OOCL), and the first leg shipping time is controlled within 18-25 days. At the same time, the shipping company’s service at the destination port is relatively good. There’s also another sea shipping way from China to USA to Canada via Matson, trucks transferred to Toronto UPS pick-up and delivery, the whole process takes about 35 days.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, fast delivery and stability shipping rates is bound to be higher. How to choose the best way shipping from China to Canada, I think they should not think about delivery time seperately, but should combine shipping schedules, factory produce schedule, sales data and other comprehensive planning to improve the overall supply chain efficiency.

FAQs sea shipping from China to Canada Amazon FBA

What’s the procedures sea shipping from China to Canada Amazon FBA

The sea freight process is more complicated than the air freight process. The Amazon seller needs to book sea shipping in advance after looking for a freight forwarder. After the space is booked, the customs clearance, and shipment can be processed. Once the goods arrived the Canadian seaport like Toronto, customs clearance and inspection are required after the port. After that, it is necessary to make an appointment for Amazon warehouse storage and arrange trucks or courier companies to be responsible for unfinished delivery, and send them to the Amazon warehouse for storage. Usually, the product can be sold on the Amazon platform within 1-4 working days after the appointment.

What’s the Canada Amazon FBA sea shipping delivery time and cost

FBA sea freight price: the sea freight truck delivery is the lowest shipping rates. Double custom clearance tax included door to door delivery is the fastest way.

Amazon FBA delivery time: The timeliness of the express ship is 25-35 days after leaving China port, and the updated tracking information can be retrieved within 20-25 days. It supports live products and magnetic products, and there is no miscellaneous fee. The general fast aging time is about 35-45 days, and the updated tracking information can be extracted 28-38 days after sailing, and supports electrified, magnetic and other items without extra fees.

How to solve customs clearance for Amazon FBA goods

For the first leg of FBA shipping, the Chinese freight forwarder usually helps to solve the customs clearance of the goods. When designing the logistics channel, the customs clearance link is taken into consideration, and the customs clearance problem of the goods is solved by cooperating with the customs clearance agency. Of course, as long as the seller has the ability to clear the customs, he can also solve the customs clearance of the goods by himself. It should be noted that Amazon, as the recipient, will not provide customs clearance services.

How to track package sea shipping from China to Canada

Package can be tracked through the logistics waybill number, you can check the shipping shipments on the official website of the corresponding shipping company, or you can use the third-party international logistics query platform to query. Of course, we can also consult the freight forwarder to understand the transportation status of the goods.

How to deal with port congestion

If there is port congestion issue, you must communicate with the freight forwarder as soon as possible to understand the congestion of the destination port. If it is serious, you need to pay attention to the inventory. If the inventory is small, remember to use air freight on time to prevent the product from being sold out. If the inventory is sufficient, pay attention to the port congestion in time, and adjust the delivery plan according to the situation.

How to reduce the delivery time after custom clearance in Canada

In the peak season from September to December every year, after the goods are picked up at the port by sea, they will be handed over to the terminal service provider for delivery. However, sometimes due to the large number of goods received by the service provider and insufficient manpower, the terminal delivery has difficulties and affects the timeliness of the goods. At this time, the seller can only wait patiently. If there are not many products in stock, you can send small batches directly by express to prevent the products from being sold out. When choosing the FBA first leg in the peak logistics season, try to choose express company such as UPS, Fedex for delivery, and the delivery capacity is stronger.

How to ship sensitive goods via sea from China to Canada

The range of items that can be shipped by sea freight is relatively wide. Generally, electrified, liquid, cream, cosmetics, magnetic items, etc. can be delivered, you can inquire Xforwarder freight forwarder for more details.

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