30 days sea shipping from China to UK

The China-UK sea freight line is a popular transportation service specifically referring to the maritime cargo shipping service from China to the United Kingdom. It is usually operated by a professional logistics company, shipping company or freight forwarding company that provides complete logistics solutions, including cargo loading, ocean transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and door to door delivery service at cost effective shipping rates.For Amazon FBA ecommerce sellers or distributors who ship bulk from China to UK via sea also concern about the delivery time, thus Xforwarder mainly introduce how to sea shipping from China to UK within 30 days.

Sea freight lines shipping from China to UK

Currently, The sea shipping line from China to UK counting from departure from the port, it takes about 20 days at most from China port to UK port. If customs clearance and door-to-door delivery are included, it takes about 30-40 days. First of all, you must know that the time of sea transportation is determined by several dimensions, such as sailing date, shipping time, arrival time, custom clearance, whether etc. Each of these links may affect the overall shipping time.

The main ports in the UK are: London Port, Bideford Port, Liverpool Port, Dover Port, Manchester Port, Southampton Port and Thames Port. Through our own operating network, Xforwarder transport bulk cargo from different customers from Shenzhen to Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester in the UK.

The Direct ports to the UK are Felixstowe and Southampton. The voyage takes about 24 days, and it takes about 30 days to get to London. The sea voyage from Yantian, Shenzhen to Southampton takes approximately 34 days. The sea voyage from Shenzhen Shekou to Southampton takes approximately 26 days. The sea voyage from Chiwan, Shenzhen to Southampton takes approximately 32 days.

Sea shipping rates from China to UK

The China-UK sea shipping line usually include by LCL and FCL,their shipping rates and cost are usually different.

LCL fee = sea freight shipping rates+ LOCAL CHARGE + warehouse fee + delivery fee+ surcharges

FCL fee = sea freight rates+ port miscellaneous fees + warehousing fees + interior loading fees + other fees

Sea freight: refers to the transportation cost from the origin port to the destination port, generally calculated per cubic meter or per ton.

LOCAL CHARGE: refers to the fee paid by the consignee at the destination port to the agent, including unpacking, docking, customs declaration, etc. Each port and each agent charges different fees, which need to be confirmed in advance.

Warehouse fee: refers to the cost of storing goods in a designated warehouse, generally calculated per cubic meter or per day.

Port miscellaneous charges: refers to various miscellaneous charges incurred at the port of origin and port of destination, including terminals, customs declaration, inspection, etc.

Warehousing fee: refers to the cost of transporting goods from the factory or warehouse to the port of origin, generally calculated based on distance or weight.

Interior loading fee: refers to the cost of loading goods into a container, generally calculated per box or per cubic meter.

Other costs: refer to additional costs based on the nature or demand of the goods, such as insurance, reinforcement, direct loading, etc.

Factors affecting sea freight costs from China to the UK

1. Size and weight of cargo: The cost of transporting large or heavy cargo is usually higher than that of small or light cargo;

2. Transportation method: Full container transportation is more expensive than LCL transportation, but it can provide better security for the goods;

3. Shipping companies: Different shipping companies may charge different fees for the same goods. It is recommended to compare when choosing a shipping company;

4. The distance between the starting point and the destination: the farther the distance, the higher the cost;

5. Shipping Season: It is easier to get low shipping costs during the off-season.

Since the fees arent fixed, the total shipping cost might different time to time, you are welcome to inquire Xforwarder for the best shipping rates sea shipping from China to UK in 30 days with product name list(if multiple goods categories), weight, volume, shipping address info and shipping terms.

How to reduce sea shipping cost from China to UK

1. Packaging and handling of goods: Pack and handle goods correctly to avoid damage to goods and additional costs;

2. Booking: Book in advance to get better prices;

3. Choose a shipping company: compare quotes from different shipping companies;

4. Size and weight of goods: Reduce the size and weight of goods as much as possible to reduce freight costs;

5. Transportation season: Avoiding transportation during peak seasons and holidays can save costs.

Sea shipping procedures from China to UK

Since mostly Amazon FBA sellers and distributors sea shipping from China to UK via LCL, let’s take a look at the sea shipping procedures below, it incldues 9 steps:

1. The cargo owner signs a contract with the freight forwarding company to determine the goods name, weight, volume, address, price, timeliness, etc.

2. The cargo owner transports the goods to the freight forwarder warehouse and provides relevant documents, such as invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, etc.

3. The freight forwarding company classifies and assembles the goods according to the nature and destination of the goods, and books space with the shipping company.

4. The freight forwarding company handles export customs declaration and transports the container to the port of origin.

5. The shipping company loads the container onto the ship and issues a bill of lading to the freight forwarding company.

6. The freight forwarding company will send the bill of lading to the consignee or its designated agent and notify the relevant information.

7. After the container arrives at the destination port, the consignee or its designated agent will handle the import customs declaration and pay the LOCAL CHARGE to the destination port agent.

8. The destination port agent transports the container to the unpacking warehouse and sorts the goods according to the bill of lading.

9. The consignee or his designated agent goes to the unpacking warehouse to pick up the goods and complete the handover.

When you select Chinese freight forwarder for sea shipping from China to UK, the following 4 factors need to be concerned:

Transportation time: Different shipping companies and routes have different transportation times. You need to choose the appropriate transportation service according to the urgency of the goods.

Costs and Fees: Ocean freight is generally a relatively cheap method of shipping, but the cost depends on factors such as the volume, weight and destination of the cargo. You need to compare with different logistics companies and understand clearly the included cost items, such as shipping company freight, terminal fees, insurance, etc.

Service reliability: Choosing a well-known logistics company or shipping company can improve the reliability and safety of the transportation of goods. You can refer to reviews from other customers or seek advice from professionals.

Destination services: In addition to sea transportation, it is also important to understand some additional services at the destination, such as customs clearance, warehousing and distribution. Some logistics companies will provide full services to ensure that the goods reach their destination smoothly.

In addition, the British Customs also has many restrictions on imported products. For example, the following products are prohibited products and cannot be transported.

Illegal drugs and drugs; offensive weapons such as switchblade knives; self-defense sprays; endangered animals and plants; rough diamonds; indecent and obscene items; meat and milk brought from most countries outside the EU products.

Products with batteries, liquids, pastes, powders, magnets, food books, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, cosmetics, etc. are all sensitive products. Although it can be shipped, you need to choose a dedicated line channel to send it to the UK. You must also obtain the corresponding certification documents in accordance with British policy requirements, and you must also package the product as required.

You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you need to ship from China to UK via Sea, air, train and courier service.

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