30 days sea shipping from China to Australia

Along with the rapid growth of the ecommerce business, more and more Amazon sellers and wholesalers are willing to bulk ship from China to Australia via sea due to it is stable, fast and cost effective. Xforwarder will list the shipping lines, service, cost and procedures for packages sea shipping from China to Australia within 30 days, double customs clearance, duty free and door to door delivery.

Shipping lines from China to Australia

There are five major ports Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in Australia, the main sea shipping lines from China to Australia listed as below:

1. From Shanghai (SHANGHAI) to Sydney, Australia (SYDNEY), the shipping time is about 18 days.

2. Ningbo (NINBO) – Sydney, Australia (SYDNEY), the shipping time is about 18 days.

3. Xiamen (XIAMEN) – Sydney, Australia (SYDNEY), the shipping time is about 16 days.

4. Shenzhen (Yantian) – Melbourne, Australia (MELBOURNE), shipping time is about 16 days.

5. Shanghai (SHANGHAI) – Australia Brisbane (BRISBANE), shipping time is about 20 days.

6. Guangzhou (GUANGZHOU) – Australia Adelaide (ADELAIDE), the shipping time is about 18 days.

Due to the influence of various factors, such as weather, ship company plan, etc., the shipping time will be delayed. At present, in order to pursue the full load capacity, the ship owner sometimes calls at the passing port according to the demand, resulting in an extension of the overall arrival time.

Shipping from China to Australia takes about 22 to 30 days (consolidation and loading, trailer declaration, long-distance shipping, customs clearance and delivery).

The shipping time mainly depends on the following factors:

1. The distance between the two ports by sea.

2. Whether the sea cargo ship sails directly.

3. The allocation time of the first leg and the last leg is consumed.

4. Other irresistible factors.

Sea shipping rates for goods shipping from China to Australia

There shipping cost mainly includes Shipping fee from China to Australia, China wharf fee, towing fee, Customs declaration fee for export from China to Australia, Destination port terminal fee,  Australia customs clearance fee, Documentation fees, delivery fee, fumigation fee(if occured) as well as other surcharges, at the first galance there are too much fees, if you choose DDP shipping terms, the Chinese freight forwarder will quote in the shipping rates together, it will be more intuitive and easier for you to understand, we will list more detail in the notifications below.

Procedures sea shipping from China to Australia

There are around 8 steps for goods sea shipping from China to Australia,

Step 1. Quote shipping rates. When you plan to ship goods from China to Australia, you can find Chinese freight forwarder companies like Xforwarder to quote shipping for you with the goods name, weight, volume and shipping address;

Step 2. Get warehouse address info and warehousing code. When you filter a relatively reliable freight forwarder agent to help you ship from China to Australia, you can ask for their warehouse address and warehousing code as remark, then pay for the factory or supplier ship to their warehouse;

Step 3. Ship to Frieght forwarder warehouse. Once supplier shipped to Chinese 3PL warehouse, you will need to provide the tracking number, goods name, quantities, carton box quantities, goods value and shipping info;

Step 4. Warehouse processing. After goods delivered to warehouse, they will confirm the goods quantities, carton box quantities, weight, volume and consolidate based on your requirements;

Step 5. Pay shipping fee. The freight forwarder will confirm with you the shipping fee for you to pay, it usually include sea shipping rates, custom fee, tax and delivery fee as well as surcharges;

Step 6. Prepare invoice and packing list and book shipment; loading container and ship from China to Australia;

Step 7. Custom clearance. The freight forwarder will help you declare customs in both China port and Australia ports, prepare necessary files and pay tax;

Step 8. Delivery. Once the goods declared from customs, they will be delivery to your warehouse or home via truck or courier like UPS or FedEx.

Notifications sea shipping from China to Australia

There are certain things you need to know when you ship from China to Australia via sea, the following are the notifications for you as a reference:

1.Taxes and fees in Australia include tariffs, GST, and customs system fees. The tariff is about 5% of the value of the goods, which can be reduced or exempted by making a certificate of origin. The certificate of origin is 150 per shipment, and the continuation page is 10 yuan. Cannot be reduced or exempted; customs system fee: the value of the goods is less than 10,000 Australian dollars, the customs system fee is 92AUD/shipment, the value of the goods is more than 10,000 Australian dollars, the customs system fee is 194AUD/shipment, the specific customs tax bill shall prevail;

Australian import GST tax and tariff collection details, import GST = (value of goods + sea freight (20USD/CBM) + bx + tariff) x 10%; tariff = tax rate (5%-10%) x value of goods, special instructions, Australia haiguan According to regulations, the value of goods below 1000AUD can be exempted from import GST tax, customs duties and customs system fees of 100AUD.

2. There will be extra 50 yuan per product name if single shipment exceed 5 product names;

3. Single package max weight cannot exceed 38kg or length exceed 150cm, there will be extra charges for delivery if package weight exceed 38kg or length exceed 150 cm;

4.The customs inspection fee will be charged if occured, if fumigation is required at 1000 yuan/shipment, wood and solid wood products must be fumigated;

5. If the goods delivery failed due to personal reason, it will be charged for redelivery, remote area will be charge extra delivery fee;

6. Straw, rattan, bamboo products (fumigation + inspection), the consignee must have an import license, otherwise our company will reject; Composite board products must have the certificate of the manufacturer;

7. All contraband, international famous brands, imitation brands, dangerous goods, and tobacco-related products are not accepted, otherwise the consignor will bear the consequences. Do not accept liquids, powders, food, medicines, inflammable and explosive materials, antiques, currency and other items that are prohibited from export by the country and prohibited by the shipping company;

8. For all goods, the consignor is required to purchase insurance by himself. If the goods are damaged or lost without purchasing insurance (fragile goods do not participate in the claim settlement, such as marble lighting, bathroom, ceramic tiles, glass products, etc.), our company can only compensate for the freight in accordance with the relevant provisions of the International Shipping Law 1-3 times;

9. If the address is wrong and the cost of changing the address and fastening is incurred, you need to consult our customer service after Hong Kong separately for the specific costs incurred, or our company has the right to ask the consignee for it, please know. After the goods are shipped, if the customer needs to temporarily hold, change the address or need other services, an additional operating fee will be charged;

10. If the customs detains the goods due to customer product problems, our company will be responsible for assisting in customs clearance, but will not bear any responsibility. For example, the products do not have the certification required by Australia, and the customs detains them due to no labeling. Products not truthfully declared, infringement of intellectual property rights or Australia’s prohibition of imports lead to customs detention, and product accessories do not meet the requirements of the local country resulting in customs detention;

11. Detailed information of the consignee (company name, company BOOKING with official seal, ABN number, consignee address, consignee contact information, mobile phone number 6104XXXXXXX, email address, packing list and invoice, personal passport, Authorized customs clearance letter, packing list and invoice are required;

12. DDP terms charge 150 yuan/shipment handling fee;

13. If goods need packed with wooden frame will be charged 200 yuan/cbm;

Compensation policy

1. If the goods are lost during transportation, after confirmation by our company, compensation will be made according to the value of a single piece of goods on the packing list invoice, and the maximum shipping fee for the lost single piece of goods will not exceed 3 times.

2. If the goods are damaged during transportation (fragile goods do not participate in the claim settlement, such as marble, lighting, bathroom, ceramic tiles, glass products, etc., it is recommended to add soft packaging first and then add wooden boxes), after confirmation by our company, according to the packing list invoice The compensation for the actual loss of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 1.5 times the freight of the damaged single piece of goods.

3. Freight calculation method for a single piece of goods: Calculate the average freight per cubic meter based on the total freight of a single ticket, and multiply it by the volume occupied by a single piece.

In particular, the following situations will not be accepted for compensation:

1) If there is a problem of infringement, our company does not assume any responsibility and reserves the right to pursue the sender for compensation for the loss caused to our company;

2) If the goods are not declared according to the actual situation, infringe intellectual property rights, and the local ban on imports leads to customs detention , this situation is not within the scope of compensation, our company only assists the sender to provide customs clearance information:

3) Compensation will not be accepted if the quality of the goods itself or specific certification issues are involved.

4) In case of war, natural disasters and other irresistible factors that cause damage or loss of goods, no compensation will be accepted

5) If you encounter flight delays, customs clearance delays, etc. during the transportation process, the overall time limit delay will not be accepted for compensation.

6 ) The product quantity is missing or damaged before delivery, which is not within the scope of compensation;

7) Please pack fragile items properly, and no compensation for damages will be accepted;

You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you need to ship from China to Australia Amaon FBA in DDU DDP terms.

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