18 days DDP sea shipping from China to Indonesia

The DDP sea shipping line from China to Indonesia plays a very important role in the Indonesia e-commerce field, the customs clearance is a major difficulty for goods shipping from China to ID since Indonesian customs regulations are complex and frequently changing, there are strict requirements for the declaration, inspection and taxation of imported goods which cause delays in the customs clearance process, increasing logistics time and costs. Xforwarder provides one-stop logistics services including the whole logistics of cusomer goods to Indonesia, double customs clearance and tax free door-to-door services, etc. We are committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable dedicated DDP sea shipping services from China to Indonesia.

Sea shipping routes from China to Indonesia

There are 3 main routes for the China-Indonesia sea shipping line:

1. Via the South China Sea to Indonesia: Starting from the South China Sea, passing through the Strait of Malacca, entering the Indonesian waters, and then reaching the destination.
2. Via the Taiwan Strait to Indonesia: Starting from a coastal port in China, passing through the Taiwan Strait, entering the Indonesian waters, and then reaching the destination.
3. Via the Strait of Malacca to Indonesia: Starting from mainland China, transported to Hong Kong or Taiwan via inland roads or railways in China, and then through the Strait of Malacca to the Indonesian waters, and then reaching the destination.

Advantages of DDP sea shipping from China to Indonesia

As an efficient logistics service, Indonesian DDP sea shipping line has the following advantages compared to air and truck delivery:

1. Timeliness: DDP sea shipping line can reach the destination quickly, effectively shorten the delivery time and improve logistics efficiency.

2. Cost-effectiveness: Compared with other modes of transportation, the price of Indonesian Ocean Shipping Line is more affordable and can reduce logistics costs.

3. Safety: Indonesian Ocean Shipping Line is operated by professional logistics service providers to ensure the safety and timely arrival of goods.

4. Traceability: Indonesian Ocean Shipping Line provides 24-hour cargo tracking service, which is convenient for customers to understand the transportation and situation of goods at any time.

DDP sea shipping operate procedure

1. Contact Chinese freight forwarder company: First, you need to contact a reliable freight forwarding company, such as Yishuntong Supply Chain, provide cargo information and transportation requirements, and sign a freight forwarding contract with it.
2. Stocking and packaging: Prepare and pack the goods according to the requirements of the freight forwarding company to ensure that the goods are safe, complete and undamaged.
3. Customs declaration and customs clearance: Transport the goods to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarding company, and the freight forwarding company will be responsible for customs declaration and customs clearance procedures to ensure smooth customs clearance of the goods.
4. Transportation and delivery: Choose the appropriate transportation method according to the specific situation, and the freight forwarding company will deliver the goods to the destination.
5. Signing and settlement: The consignee signs for the goods after receiving them, and the freight forwarding company charges the relevant fees to the shipper or consignee according to the contract agreement.

DDP sea shipping rates for goods from China to Indonesia

Due to the local customs regulations, different goods categories have different tax rates, thus we list the following goods categories DDP sea shipping rates from low to high:

1>Mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone cases, bags, wallets, travel cases, screen protectors, chargers, data cables, wired earphones, earphone cases, mobile phone lens protectors, buckles, electrical sockets, power strips, thermos cups, disinfection guns;

2>General goods (Non-SNI goods of Indonesian customs) 

Daily necessities, plastic products, handicrafts, stationery, rain gear, fitness equipment, fishing supplies, accessories, car decoration accessories, motorcycle decoration accessories, watches and clocks, PU leather goods, molds, motorcycle parts (excluding iron quota, battery, motor, tire), auto parts (excluding iron quota, battery, motor, tire), hardware products (no quota required), finished packaging boxes, truck accessories (excluding iron quota, battery, motor, tire), bicycle helmets, safety helmets, bag accessories, belts, sealing glue, ordinary hats, ordinary lamps.


Shoes (branded shoes $45/CBM surcharge fee);

4>Sensitive, Anti-epidemic goods (Indonesian Customs SNI goods)

Baby products, hardware products (need quota), bearings, key chains, bicycles, Wifi receivers, game console handles, intercoms, audio speakers, machines, juicers, drones, video game consoles, telescopes, flashlights, cameras, audio equipment, loudspeakers, CCTV, GPS driving navigation, printers, computer host motherboards, mice, other LCD touch screens, photo frames, toothpicks, artificial flowers and grass, advertising machines, small household appliances, beauty equipment, air purifiers, kitchen supplies, kitchen appliances, electronic scales, paper products, A4 paper, printing paper, label paper, paper cups, envelopes, storybooks, toilet paper, diapers, sanitary napkins, contact lenses, motorcycle helmets, wooden products, synthetic products, office furniture, home furniture, building iron pipes, large game consoles, mahjong machines, ceramic tea sets, ceramic floor tiles, PVC floors, bows and arrows, adult products, skateboards, all tires, non-medical oral Cover (complete qualifications: business license, certificate, quality inspection report), face mask, temperature gun, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth microphone, exhaust fan, DVD player, MP3 player, SD card, antenna, rice cooker, electric kettle/teapot, water heater, mixer (blender), portable electric juicer, water dispenser, vacuum cleaner, toaster, hair dryer, microwave oven, hair trimmer/hair clipper/razor, multi-purpose pot, portable oven, hair straightener, screwdriver, saw (tool), electric treadmill, instant water heater (electric dip rod), multi-purpose electric cooker, electric food processor, electric drill, electric grinder, gear shaving machine, water pump, valve, faucet/shower faucet, fan/mini fan, USB fan, handheld fan, gardening tools, mobile phone LCD touch screen, set-top box, TV box, LED lights, chandeliers, decorative lights, solar lights (except car lights and motorcycle lights), toys, pet toys.

5>Semi-textile products

Hand towels, bath towels, scarves, pillows, pet beds, car seat covers, mosquito nets, clothing accessories, base layers, leggings, bras, underwear, belts, socks, sexy underwear, tarpaulins, tents, gloves, finger cots, headbands, hair towels, baby carriers, etc.

6>Cosmetics, chemicals, food, health products

Cosmetics, perfumes, general chemicals, shampoo, shower gel, soap, medical supplies, food, health products.

7>Pharmaceuticals, Clothing, textiles

Medicines, ointments, clothing, bedding, sheets, curtains, textiles, fabric, cloth, cloth, cloth strip.

The above 7 goods categories DDP sea shipping rates from cheap to high from $250/CBM to $500/CBM(not fixed rates), you can inquire Xforwarder with goods name, weight, volume and delivery address for much more accurate quote.

Common Problems and Precautions

1. Understand Indonesia’s import policies and regulations: Before shipping, you should understand Indonesia’s import policies and regulations to ensure that the goods are in compliance with relevant regulations to avoid the goods being detained or returned.
2. Choose a reliable freight forwarding company: Choosing an experienced and reputable freight forwarding company can ensure the safe transportation and fast customs clearance of goods.
3. Reasonably arrange the transportation time: According to the nature and transportation requirements of the goods, arrange the transportation time reasonably to avoid damage or expiration of the goods due to long transportation time.
4. Pay attention to cargo insurance: Cargo transportation insurance should be purchased before shipping to reduce the risk of loss of goods during transportation.
5. Deal with problems during transportation in a timely manner: If you encounter problems during transportation, you should contact the freight forwarding company in time and seek solutions.

Xforwarder China-Indonesia DDP sea shipping service

As a professional Chinese freight forwarder company in Guangzhou, we can not only help you sourcing and bulky wholesale from quality Chinese suppliers, but also provide 18days DDP sea shipping from China to Indonesia.

Service: Double clearance and tax included for bulk cargo, and export declaration for bulk cargo; Double clearance and tax included for full container, and export declaration for full container, and formal customs clearance for full container.

Timeliness:  18-25 days for direct sea shipping line.

Loading: Loading containers every day, 5-8 containers per day, 17 containers per day during peak hours, and at least 200 containers per month; Goods are loaded in containers by category, not mixed, and loading is arranged 3 to 5 days after the goods arrive at the warehouse.

Shipping schedule: Stable shipping schedule three times a week, direct flights without transit.

Main customs clearance ports: Jakarta (CGK), Surabaya (SUB), Semarang (SRG).

Customs clearance: Fasdeli, an Indonesian company with 15 years of customs clearance experience, has its own customs clearance licenses for sea transportation, air transportation, and e-commerce. Responsible for customs clearance, with strong customs clearance capabilities, low inspection rate, and fast customs clearance. Fasdeli is very strong in Indonesia. If you encounter a red light, you will receive a message in advance. Our company promises that all goods that can be transported normally can be cleared normally and will not be detained and cannot be cleared.

You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder DDP sea shipping from China to Indonesia.



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