30 days sea shipping from China to Mexico

With the acceleration of globalization and the vigorous development of international trade, Mexican sea shipping line has gradually become an important bridge connecting North America and South America, Europe and Asia. The classification and packaging of goods are very important in the Mexico sea shipping line, which directly affect the transportation efficiency, safety and cost. XForwarder mainly introduce sea shipping from China to Mexico within 30 days.

Sea shipping lines from China to Mexico

Mexico sea shipping is relatively developed, and there are many ports. There are 29 major ports, including: Aguascalientes, Acapulco, Altamira, Cancun, Celaya, Ensenada, Guaranteed Dalahara et al. The Mexican shipping line mainly stops at three ports: Lhasa Cardenas, Manzanillo and Leon.

The duration of the shipping line mainly depends on the domestic departure port and the Mexican destination port.

For example, the shipping time from Shenzhen to Mexico is about 23 days; from Tianjin to Mexico about 45 days; from Shanghai and Ningbo to Mexico about 25 days.

The voyage of the Mexican sea freight line is about 20-30 days, and the door-to-door delivery is about 30-45 days.

Express Boat: The express boat usually refers to the fast route, and the goods are transported by fast ships. This method is especially suitable for some time-critical goods, such as urgently needed daily necessities or items for specific occasions. The fast ship usually has a higher speed and a shorter voyage, and can deliver the goods to the destination in a shorter time.

Due to the faster speed, the shipping cost is relatively high. Some well-known clipper companies include Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), World Courier, and others.

Slow Boat: Slow boat is a slower shipping method, which is suitable for some situations that are not sensitive to transportation time or a large amount of goods. Slow ships usually have lower speeds and longer voyages, so the transit time is relatively longer. However, the rate of slow ship is relatively low, suitable for lower cost cargo.

Due to the slow speed, the shipping cost is relatively low. Some well-known slow ship companies include China Ocean Shipping (COSCO), Zhonggu Xinliang (New World), etc.

Sea Shipping rates from China to Mexico

The shipping fee for a small container in the Mexican shipping line is usually around US$4,000-5,000, but the specific fee depends on many factors, such as the location of the port of departure and destination, the weight and nature of the goods, and the mode of transportation. The sea shipping rates include:

O/F: sea freight

ORC: South China Port Terminal Charge

THC: Terminal Handling Charge

DOC: document fee

WRS: War Insurance Surcharge

LSS: Fuel Low Sulfur Surcharge

ERS: Emergency Situation Insurance

EIR: Equipment handover fee

DDC: CY charges at the side of the ship at the unloading port or for transporting equipment to the container

PCS: Port Congestion Charge

ISPS: Security Surcharge

GRI (PSS): Consolidated rate increases

BAF: Oil Price Adjustment Index Surcharge

CAF: Currency Adjustment Index Surcharge

CIC: Container Imbalance Surcharge

SEAL FEE: lead seal fee / seal fee

OWS: Overweight Surcharge

AMS in North America: customs record fee for US line

EU ENS: EU Forecast Manifest Fee

Japan AFR: Japan Customs Advance Declaration Fee

Demurrage: on-site cabinet rental;

Detention: off-site cabinet rental

Storage: Wharf warehouse rental

SCS: Suez Canal Surcharge

The following are some factors that may affect the sea shipping rates from China to Mexico:

1. The location of the port of departure and the port of destination

Different port of departure and port of destination will have different shipping charges. The ports of departure and destination in Mexico are usually located in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland and other ports.

2. The weight and nature of the goods

The weight and nature of the shipment will also affect shipping costs. Small cabinets usually have a weight limit of 20 tons, but different shipping companies may have different limits.

3. Transportation method

There are a variety of transportation methods for the Mexico shipping line, such as FCL transportation and LCL transportation. Depending on the shipping method, the cost will vary.

4. Shipping company

Different shipping companies will have different cost standards, so it is also important to choose the right shipping company.

Thus when you need sea shipping from China to Mexico, you can inquire the Chinease sea freight forwarder to help you quote based on the goods, weight volume, shipping address and delivery time.

Precautions sea shipping from China to Mexico

1. Goods exported to Mexico need to declare AMS;

2. The third-party notifier of Notify is usually the agent of the freight forwarder or CONSIGNEE;

3. SHIPPER shows the real consignor, CONSIGNEE shows the real consignee;

4. The product name cannot display the general name, but the detailed product name;

5. Number of pieces: It is required to display the detailed number of pieces, such as: there are 50 boxes of goods in the PALLET, and one PLT cannot be displayed, but 1 pallet containing 50 cartons must be displayed;

6. The bill of lading should show the place of origin of the goods, and a fine of at least USD200 will be incurred if the bill of lading needs to be changed after sailing.

Safety: The classification and packaging of goods should comply with relevant laws, regulations and safety standards to ensure the safety of goods during transportation. For flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous goods, special measures should be taken for classification and packaging.

Moisture-proof and moisture-proof: Mexico is located in the tropics and subtropics, with a humid climate and a lot of rain. Therefore, during the classification and packaging of goods, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and moisture-proof measures. Use waterproof and moisture-proof packaging materials, such as plastic film or tarpaulin, to protect the goods from humidity.

Protection from high and low temperatures: The temperature in the Mexican region is high, and hot days can be expected in the summer. During the classification and packaging of goods, the influence of high temperature on goods should be considered, and heat-insulating materials should be selected for packaging as much as possible. In addition, the temperature in some parts of Mexico is low in winter, so care should be taken to keep the goods warm to prevent damage to the goods due to low temperature.

Compliance with regulations: The classification and packaging of goods should comply with international maritime regulations and relevant Mexican regulations. The manufacturer’s name, product name, production date, instructions for use and other information should be indicated on the packaging to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Commonly issues for goods shipping from China to Mexico

1. Goods delay

Since the transportation process involves multiple links, such as loading, unloading, etc., problems in any link may cause delays in goods.

2. Difficulty of customs clearance

Mexico’s customs declaration procedures are relatively complicated, and if the information is incomplete or other problems occur, it may cause delays in customs declaration.

3. Transportation loss

In the process of transportation, there may be cases of loss of goods, such as package damage, loss of goods, etc.

In order to avoid cargo delays, it is recommended that when choosing a shipping company, try to choose sea freight forwarder with high reputation and good service. At the same time, understand all aspects of transportation in advance, so as to solve problems in time.

In order to ensure smooth customs declaration, you should understand Mexico’s customs declaration requirements in advance to ensure that the information is complete and accurate. At the same time, you can choose a professional customs declaration company to carry out customs declaration to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

In order to reduce the risk of cargo loss, you can choose to purchase cargo insurance. At the same time, the packaging protection is strengthened to improve the compression and drop resistance of the goods. In addition, it is recommended to regularly pay attention to the status of the goods during transportation, so as to detect and solve problems in time.

In addition to sea shipping, if you have deliery time restriction for goods under 100kg, air shipping from China to Mexico should be also good alternatives. You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you need to ship from China to Mexico.






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