15 Days Sea Shipping From China to US

What’s the cheapest yet fast delivery way shipping from China to US? If you are Amazon FBA sellers or distributors ship in bulk from China you may need to balance the shipping cost with delivery time. Compare to Air delivery, sea shipping being seen as a cost effective way to ship in bulk from China to USA, between the sea shipping ways, Matson offers 15 days sea shipping from China to US at cheap shipping rates.

3 Matson sea shipping lines from China to USA

The 3 Matson fast sea shipping routes are: Matson Regular Express (CLX) launched in 2006, Matson Overtime Express (CLX+) in July 2020, and CCX in peak season in July 2021.


Matson’s first trans-Pacific express CLX (China Long Beach Express) route began in February 2006. On February 18 and 19, 2006, Matson’s regular express ship called at Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port in China, and then went directly to Long Beach Port in Los Angeles, USA, Honolulu Port in Hawaii (Honolulu), Guam and Okinawa Ports.

After Matson’s regular CLX ship arrives at its own terminal in Long Beach Port in Los Angeles, the cargo can be conveniently picked up at the yard outside the port the next day, creating a new concept of “fast and punctual” in the shipping industry. Matson China’s different institutions located in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Hong Kong have expanded their service scope to Xiamen, Yantian, the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong through branch cooperation companies. U.S. port of call: Pier C60 at the Port of Long Beach.

The departure times of Matson from Xiamen, Ningbo and Shanghai are: last Saturday, current Tuesday, current Wednesday (not Thursday). The number of days to the United States is 15, 12, and 11 respectively. Usually the goods can be picked up the next day after arrived Long Beach port.


The opening of Matson’s second route is to meet the rapid development of Sino-US traditional trade and cross-border e-commerce industry. In July 2020, Matson Shipping normalized the temporary overtime ship route and named it Matson Express CLX+, providing the same fast on-time service as the CLX route. U.S. port of call: the OICT terminal at the Port of Oakland or the Port of Long Beach.

The time for Matson CLX+ to leave Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shanghai is: last Saturday, current Wednesday, and current Thursday. The days to the United States are 16, 12, and 11 days, and it is Sunday to the Long Beach Port, and the goods can be picked up the next day.


In July 2021, in order to further meet the market’s urgent space demand for China-US express services, Matson launched an additional non-weekly overtime flight CCX during the peak season. The service of Matson CCX started on July 27. The route will depart from Ningbo or Shanghai, China in three weeks every five weeks. The sea transportation time of the China-Auckland port route is 12 to 14 days. U.S. ports of call: B63 at the Port of Oakland and C60 at the Port of Long Beach.

The time for the ship to leave Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shanghai is: last Saturday, current Tuesday, and current Thursday. The days to the United States are 20, 17, and 15 days respectively. The arrival at the Port of Oakland is on Tuesday, and the port of Long Beach is on Friday. The goods will be picked up soon after they arrive at the port.

Pros and Cons of Matson sea shipping from China to US


Matson integrates the advantages of the entire freight process, delivery process and exclusive terminal, its two most notable features are fast delivery and fast timeliness.

Fast timeliness: It only takes about 12 working days to ship directly from Shanghai to the United States, which is currently the fastest channel.

Exclusive terminal: In addition to fast timeliness, Matson has its own exclusive terminal in Los Angeles. Other shipping companies use public terminals, so Matson Express is more efficient in picking up containers. This advantage is most significant during the peak shipping season. It is not easy to arrange warehouses and has good stability.


Expensive: Matson Clipper is not only the fastest sea shipping way to the United States, but also the most expensive shipping way to the United States compared to other sea shipping companies.

Shipment and transportation in Shanghai: Matson can only ship in Shanghai, and other receiving points also need to ship to Shanghai for shipment, which is not very friendly to Shanghai and other regions and cities outside Shanghai.

Are there any other Matson alternatives available for goods sea shipping from China to US at cheap shipping rates? Yes of course, currently ZIM and Yantian express are very good Matson alternatives.

Matson alternatives shipping from China to US


1. Advantages
Zim Express is a Sino-US shipping route launched by Zim Integrated Shipping Co., Ltd., providing logistics services for goods transported from China to the United States. Compare to Matson the advantage of ZIM lies in the region and the price. Geographically, it can be shipped and transported at Yantian Port in Shenzhen. It is very friendly to Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce sellers and export companies, and can be shipped quickly and at a lower price. In terms of price, the overall price is 1-2 yuan/kg lower than Matson Clippers.
2. Disadvantages
Zim are not as good as Matson in terms of timeliness and the efficiency of unloading cabinets. The overall aging time is about two days slower than that of Matson, and it takes about 14 working days to ship directly to the United States. After arriving at the port, the public port is used. Once there are many shipping companies, it may face port congestion and time delays.
3. Appropriate scene
If Matson Express is suitable for export companies in cities around Shanghai, Zim Express is suitable for export companies in Shenzhen and its surrounding cities,the shipping cost is lower. Of course, if you want to reduce the probability of goods being discharged during the peak logistics season, Matson is more worthy of choice.

Yantian clipper

1. Advantages
The main advantage of Yantian Clippers lies in the price, which is the lowest price logistics channel among the three types of Clippers channels. If you want to save more logistics costs, you can choose this channel to ship to the United States.
2. Disadvantages
The disadvantage is obvious. The logistics timeliness is slow, which is the slowest logistics channel among the three express shipping channels. It takes about 16 working days to ship from Shenzhen Yantian to the United States. The use of public ports is also prone to port congestion and delays in peak seasons.
3. Appropriate scene
Generally speaking, it is more suitable to use in the off-season of logistics, and the timeliness is similar to that of Zim Express, and the price is lower than that of Zim, which can save more logistics costs.

How to choose fastest yet cheapest sea shipping from China to US

This is a very tangled issue by many sellers shipping from China to US, how to balance the shipping rates with shipping delivery time from China to US? When you compare Matson, ZIM and Yantian clipper with their advantages and disadvantages you should based on your business concern, for example, if you are Amazon FBA seller and you need the goods shipping from China to US Amzon warehouse in one month, Matson is the best way to ship from China to US although it costs more, of course if you are not in hurry and just shipping regularly from China factory to Amazon warehouse during Jan to Aug, Yantian clipper might be the best choice to save shipping cost. There are usually 5 steps for you to shipping from China to US via Matson, ZIM or Yantian clipper.

1.Inquiry. Before your shipping from China to US, you will need to get the product info such as estimate shipping data, product name and quantities, box quantities, carton box volume, weight and shipping address to quote shipping cost from different Chinese freight forwarders. Get the warehouse address, contact factory to ship to freight forwarder warehouse or ask them to pick up in the factory if not far.

2. Weight and measure. Once goods arrived freight forwarder warehouse, they will need to confirm the goods quantities, weight and measure volume, weight to prepare invoice and packing list for custom clearance, if you are amazon fba seller, they may help you stick product label and FBA warehouse label on the carton box;

3. Shipping from China. After you paid shipping cost, the freight forwarder collect the goods load the container, ship after customs declaration and release, and sail on Wednesday.

4. Arrive USA. Departing from Shanghai Port, the ship sailed for 11 days and arrived at Long Beach Port in the United States to unload the ship. The US customs clearance company arranged for the truck to pick up the container at the terminal after the US customs cleared and released it.

5. Deliver. Once the goods released from customs, it can be delivered to amazon warehouse, business address or personal home by UPS or truck.

Xforwarder is a professional Chinese freight forwarder agent in Guangzhou, South China, you are welcome to inquire if you need ship from China to US via Matson, ZIM, Yantian clipper, Cosco or other sea shipping ways.





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