Extra large weight volume goods shipping from China

The Chinese freight forwarder always need weight volume to quote when you inquire goods import from China, you may spend lots of time looking for ways ship extra large weight volume package goods shipping from China at cheap cost, and there are usually high surcharges if the weight volume exceed shipping service restriction and some extra large weight volume goods cannot being shipped without large loading machines.

What kind of goods packaging being seen as extra large weight volume?

Since June 2017, international express has had the latest definition of oversized packages. UPS and DHL define a package with a single actual weight exceeding 70KG as overweight, and FEDEX and TNT define a single package with an actual weight over 68KG as overweight. However, the definition of oversized packages by international express has the original first variable length of more than 157CM, and the modification exceeds 122CM, that is, packages with the longest side exceeding 122CM belong to the category of oversized packages, and an oversized package operation fee needs to be charged. In addition, if the oversized package is packed in a wooden box, or a wooden box package with a single piece exceeding 30KG, it needs to be punched with a pallet foot, and the height of the pallet foot is not less than 9CM. However, different international courier has different regulations and shipping rates as well as surcharges on the extra weigth volume goods.


If the unilateral length of DHL international express goods exceeds 118 cm or the actual weight of a single piece is 68 kg, an overweight surcharge will generally be imposed.

1. Extra length surcharge: If the length of one side is greater than or equal to 120 cm, additional fuel will be charged if the surcharge meets the conditions;

2. Overweight surcharge: If the actual weight or volume of a single piece is greater than or equal to 70 kg, the surcharge that meets the conditions needs to be charged separately for fuel;

Note: This billing method is billed by piece,

1) If more than one pcs in one shipment is over-length or over-weight, additional charges will be required for over-length and over-weight items, and will be charged according to the number of items;

2) If both items are over-length and over-weight, only one additional fee will be charged.

In addition, oversized goods generally need to add pallet feet/wooden box feet with a height of not less than 10 cm.


1. IE channel, IP channel (common):

The longest side of a single piece > 117 cm or the second longest side >= 72 cm or the circumference >= 262 cm

The longest side of a single piece >= 240 cm, or, girth = length + (width + height) x2 is equal to or exceeds 330 cm, that is oversized goods,

If the actual weight of any package exceeds 30 kg, if there are more than one package, it will be charged by piece.

2. IE & IP :

1) If the actual weight of a single piece is equal to or exceeds 68 kg, it is an overweight cargo

2) The longest side of a single piece >= 240 cm or the circumference >= 327 cm

3) For oversized goods, the longest side of a single piece should be > 153 cm

4) The longest side of a single piece >= 240 cm, or, girth = length + (width + height) x2 is equal to or exceeds 327 cm

Fuel will be charged separately for surcharges that meet the conditions (i.e. overweight  & oversized cargo).


1. Additional handling fee

1) Any package whose longest edge is greater than or equal to 120 cm or whose second longest edge is greater than or equal to 75 cm

2) Packages with an actual weight greater than 31 kg

2. Large package surcharge

1) When the length and circumference of a package [(2 x width)+(2 x height)] add up to more than 300 cm, but not exceeding the maximum size of UPS of 390 cm, the package will be considered a “large package” .

2) The minimum billing weight for large packages is 40kg.

UPS express service does not deliver packages exceeding the following weights and dimensions. If UPS receives this type of shipment, it will charge an oversized fee + oversized fee for each package, and the two fees do not conflict:

1) Each package has a maximum weight limit of 70kg

2) The maximum length of each package is 274 cm

3) The maximum size of each package (length + circumference [(2x width) + (2x height)]) is 390 cm.

How to ship extra large weight volume goods from China

In order to ensure the safety of large-scale goods, they will be packaged according to the characteristics of different goods. Large-scale furniture is different from ordinary small items, and it is more difficult to transport during the logistics delivery process. If you are sending large, fragile or high-value goods such as furniture, home appliances, building materials and other oversized and overweight goods, you need to pack them for transportation in advance, build wooden frames, and pack wooden boxes to better protect the goods inside. Damaged (wooden packaging must not have bark, mold, etc.). This is usually an additional fee. On the other hand, after the wooden frame is built, it is convenient for the express logistics personnel to carry it in transit.

For items such as desktop computers and guitars, you can try to pack them in the original packaging and put them on a wooden frame, and tell the warehouse to help you attach fragile labels. The courier will be extra careful about fragile products during transportation. For small items or relatively light ones, it is better to take the special air freight line. Of course, those who are not short on money can also choose the four major express delivery (DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS) which are faster than sea/land transportation.

Sea freight is still the most commonly used mode of transportation in international logistics transportation. For large, over-length, and overweight cargo, sea freight accounts for more than 80% of the overall international logistics. For example, large pieces of furniture, mattresses, freezers, refrigerators, children’s learning chairs, and building materials can be shipped by sea or in LCL. The advantage is that the cost is cost-effective, and the time limit is about one month. It must be the most important thing to save money~~If Putting on a wooden frame can try our best to avoid scratches and damages during transportation, and protect the safety of the goods.

Ordinary home appliances, ordinary books, a complete set of furniture, sofas, mattresses, etc., are simply the benefits of oversized items, however, fish tank glass products, marble and fragile items, even if they are packed in wooden boxes or wooden frames, there is still a risk of accidental mailing. Please consult the customer service of the corresponding logistics company in advance.

How to ship extra large weight volume goods via sea freight

It usually takes 6 steps to ship extra large weight volume goods via sea freight:

1. Select sea freight shipping agent. You can inquire different Chinese sea freight agents with the goods weight, volume, shipping address, post code, then select the best one to ship goods to their warehouse. After receiving the goods, the warehouse manager checks the name, number of pieces, weight, volume and other information of the goods. This is the first step in the whole process, and it is also a very critical step. Because if the information is wrong or the goods are lost, the follow-up work will be affected;

2.Make a packing plan according to the cargo situation, arrange the shipping schedule, prepare the goods that need to be exported, and arrange workers to load the container. This step requires sorting items of different types and sizes and calculating exactly how much space and weight each item takes up. Only in this way can we ensure that every commodity can be safely transported to its destination.

3.The staff of the operation department will prepare relevant materials and carry out export declaration. Missing necessary documents or incomplete information can delay or prevent the entire process.

4.After the container is on board, sea freight agent will inform you that the ship has started to transport and the estimated time of arrival at the destination port. This process requires close attention to factors such as weather and sea conditions, and timely adjustments to the plan.

5.After the container arrives at the port of destination, sea freight agent will be responsible for import customs clearance. Then arrange for the trailer to be pulled back to the warehouse, and arrange for the staff to dismantle the cabinets and separate the goods. The goods are scheduled to be delivered by truck or courier according to different regions. This process requires careful sorting and handling of goods and strict adherence to shipping orders.

6.According to the delivery address provided by the shipper, arrange truck or courier for delivery. After the customer signs for the receipt, we will send a receipt to the country, and we will notify the shipper that the customer has signed for it. This process needs to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer accurately and timely feedback information.

In the logistics and transportation of oversized items, every step is very important and cannot be dispensed with. For consumers, it is very important to choose a reliable freight forwarder. They must ensure that each step is handled professionally and be able to follow the entire process and provide relevant information at all times.  You are welcome to inquire Xforwarder if you need to ship extra large weight volume goods from China via air or sea at stable and cost effective shipping rates.

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